As Blood Runs Black is an American Deathcore band formed in 2006. They have 2 full length albums, Alliengence and Instinct. They have toured extensively on the Atticus Metal Tour, Never Say Die Tour, Summer Slaughter Tour, and Thrash and Burn Tours

They have toured with bands such as The Acacia Strain, Emmure, Oceano, Mychildren Mybride, Norma Jean, After The Burial, Born of Osiris, and most recently Darkest Hour



1. Intro

2. In Dying Days

3. My Fears Have Become Phobias

4. Hester Prynne

5. Pouring Reign

6. The Brighter Side of Suffering

7. A Beautiful Mistake

8. Strife (Chug-Chug)

9. Beneath The Surface

10. Legends Never Die


1. Triumph

2. Legacy

3. Resist

4. Angle City Gamble

5. Reborn

6. Tribulations

7. Divided

8. King of Thieves

9. In Honor

10. Echoes of An Era

11. Instinct