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Origin New Fairfield, Connecticut, US
Genres Deathcore, metalcore
Years active Since 2003
Labels This City Is Burning, Victory Records
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Frankie Palmeri
Jesse Ketive
Mark Davis
Mike Mulholland
Michael Kaabe

Emmure is an American deathcore band from Queens, New York, formed in 2003. Founding members Ben and Joe Lionetti met Frank Palmeri and Jesse Ketive on the Internet and began rehearsals together. Mark Davis joined when the original bass player (Dan Steindler) had to leave for work-related reasons.[1] Some of the members are from Queens, New York. To date they have had five releases, Nine Eleven Zero Four,The Complete Guide to Needlework, Goodbye to the Gallows, The Respect Issue, and Felony.[2]


Emmure was founded in 2003. In 2004, the band finished a tour in the lower 48 US States supporting Misery Signals, August Burns Red, and Burn Down Rome. This summer was spent on their headlining tour with Endwell, On Broken Wings, Ligeia, Recon and others.

Jesse Ketive is a former member of the band Warfix, in which he played guitar alongside Bryan Goldsman of Southside Panic; Sean Murphy; and Mike Kaabe, formerly of Endwell.

On May 1 2009, rumors of the Lionetti brothers departure from the band were confirmed in a statement from Joe Lionetti posted on[3] According to its page on Victory Records' Web site, Emmure has found a new guitarist and drummer in Mike Mullohand, and Michael Kaabe, respectively.

They have currently completed their third studio album, Felony',' released on 18 August 2009 on Victory Records.

On June 20, the music video of "False Love in Real Life" was broadcast on MTV's Headbanger's Ball, which was directed by Frankie Nasso, who also directed the music video of "Sound Wave Superior."[4]

The band was announced as one of the groups to be featured on 2010's Warped Tour.

Band membersEdit

Current members
Former members
  • Dan Steindler - Bass
  • Joe Lionetti - drums
  • Ben Lionetti – guitar
  • Josh Ammermann-guitar

Discography Edit



  • "10 Signs You Should Leave" (2007)
  • "Sound Wave Superior" (2008) – directed by Frankie Nasso[5]
  • "False Love in Real Life" (2009) - directed by Frankie Nasso


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